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hf transformer/power transformer


manufacturer:yongfeng nanocrystalline products branch
contact person:mr. sun origin:haidian district,beijing
email:nano@atmcn.comtel: 86-010-58712641

安泰科技 010-58712641 .pngapplications:

• esp 
• battery charger for electric vehicles
• welding machine 
• medical equipment 
• railway powers supply

characteristics and benefits: 
• high saturate induction—reduce volume of transformers
• high permeability and low coercivity —improve efficiency, lower exciting power and reduce copper loss
• low core loss —reduce temperature rise of transformers
• excellent thermal stability —with the serving temperature of -55℃~ 130℃ for long time

characteristic curves:

安泰科技 纳米晶功率变压器性能2 010-58712641.jpg

comparison of core loss  

comparison of core hysteresis loop